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Must See DC: Five Spots to Explore

miller_anaika_cherryblossoms_S14by Anaika Miller, CAPPP Ambassador

You’ve secured your internship, you’ve got your airfare booked and your wardrobe is ready to pack–and now you’re thinking about all the places you want to see once you’re in Washington, DC. Continue reading Must See DC: Five Spots to Explore


“A transformative experience”: Anaika Miller

An early morning run around the Tidal Basin.

by Anaika Miller, CAPPP Ambassador

A Freshman Plans to Apply

Though I cannot remember now how I first heard about the Quarter in Washington Program, I know I decided as a freshman that I wanted to participate in the program. I had a lot of reasons for wanting to apply; a tough first year at UCLA left me wanting smaller classes and convinced me I needed to take advantage of more of the opportunities college offered me. Continue reading “A transformative experience”: Anaika Miller