About Our Ambassadors

miller_anaika_cherryblossoms_S14Anaika Miller

Anaika Miller,  a third-year Political Science student, participated in the UCLA CAPPP Quarter in Washington Program in Spring 2014. She is president of UCLA’s Speech & Debate team, an editor and staff writer for UCLA’s comedy publication, Satyr Magazine, and a member of UCLA’s Honors College. She enjoys hiking, Sudoku, and discussing current events and philosophy. Contact her at anaikamiller [at] ucla [dot] edu.

Gina Phillipi

phillipi_gina_whobamacareevent_S14Gina Phillipi is a third-year Political Science major, and Public Health minor completing premedical coursework. She participated in the CAPPP program during the spring of her sophomore year. She is a Resident Assistant in the UCLA residence halls; she also volunteers through UCLA Students for Community Outreach, Promotion and Education (SCOPE) Fitness and Nutrition Program. Gina serves as a coordinator for Edison Language Academy, where she supervises 10 volunteers and works with a class of 25 fourth-grade students. She is Captain of the UCLA Water Ski Team, recently receiving the 2014 National Collegiate Water Ski Association Female Outstanding Leader of the Year Award. Contact her at gmphillipi [at] ucla  [dot] edu.

Alexis Whitaker

whitaker_alexis_jeffmem_S14A  senior studying environmental science at UCLA,  Alexis completed the CAPPP Quarter in Washington Program in the spring of her junior year. Growing up watching Steve Irwin and Jane Goodall on the Discovery Channel,  young Alexis was convinced that she would someday become the best swashbuckling, alligator-wrestling, khaki-clad conservationist there ever was. Her passion for conservation eventually grew to include environmental issues like pollution, deforestation, and climate change.  She plans to pursue a career in environmental policy upon graduation, acting as part of the solution to the environmental issues that we face today.  In her spare time, Alexis competes with the Club Ultimate Frisbee Team at UCLA. Contact her at alexiswhitaker64 [at] yahoo [dot] com.


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