Food Adventures in DC


by Erica Henderson, Fall 2013

There are many unique, delicious and affordable food adventures to be had in DC that are accessible to the UC Washington Center. Below are some of the restaurants that I enjoyed during my time in DC, but I am sure that any CAPPP Quarter in Washington student could make their own list of favorites.

Etete - Veggie platter - Washington, DC, United States
A typical platter of Ethiopian food

Ethiopian Food: DC has the second largest Ethiopian community in the world and the food shows it. Spongy injera bread and a multitude of flavors to try with it make this a fun food excursion. Be prepared to eat with your fingers!

Two popular Ethiopian restaurants in DC are Keren Restaurant (Florida NW  and U NW) and Zenebech Injera (Florida NW at 6th Street). We were easily able to find a groupon for Merkato (9th St. NW between Florida and T streets) a restaurant around the U-street area. Personally I like the vegetarian combos, which are delicious and have a pleasing variety of flavors.

At Julia’s Empanadas (nom nom)

Julia’s Empanadas: With both sweet and savory empanadas, Julia’s Empanadas is down the street from the UC Washington Center on 18th Street NW. My favorite empanada was Jamacian style with curry, beef, onions, and potatoes. The empanadas are about $4 and they have a $10 credit card minimum, so bring cash.

Enjoying brunch at Masa 14

Brunch: Brunch is very much a staple of DC culture. There are many popular and traditional brunch places including: the Tabard Inn, which makes its own donuts.

We had a delicious brunch at Masa 14 (14th St. NW between T and S streets), which serves Latin-Asian fusion tapas and blood orange mimosas.

In accordance with brunch tradition there are many DC brunch locations that offer the “All you can drink” options.

Shake Shack
Shake Shack

Shake Shack: Only a short walk from the UC Washington Center, you will undoubtedly venture over to Shake Shack  (18th Street NW at Connecticut) for dessert.

They sell burgers, hotdogs, and fries, but I personally went there for the custard. It is super sweet and tasty and you can get concretes (custard with a variety of mix-ins like chocolate truffle cookie dough or fudge sauce).

Manchego Frito from La Tasca

La Tasca is a restaurant with a fun and lively environment which serves Spanish tapas by the Gallery Place Chinatown Metro station.

Patatas bravas and empanadas are both popular dishes. La Tasca is also known for its cheap sangria. La Tasca’s happy hour (from 4-7 every day) includes $4 tapas and $4 sangria.

Paul is a French bakery with five locations including one by the Farragut North Metro station.

They serve tasty sandwiches and fresh bread, but most importantly they serve beignets, the famous French treat. The red berry beignets are sweet, rich, and enormous.

For more on the delights of DC food, from cheap to fancy, explore’s food section. Or explore food by neighborhood.

Erica Henderson is an International Development Studies major who will graduate in 2015.