5 Awesome Free Things to do In DC

whitaker_alexis_jeffmem_S14by Alexis Whitaker, CAPPP Ambassador

Washington, DC is a truly unique city, full of history, art, and culture that can’t be found anywhere else.

Making the most of your time in the capital on a college budget can seem like a daunting task but truthfully the options are endless.

There are so many cheap and free activities in DC that you’ll have no trouble filling up each of your ten weekends during the UCLA CAPPP Quarter in Washington Program.

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Following My Intellectual Bliss

westbrook-katie-kennedy-center-W14by Katie Westbrook, Winter 2014

I have always been fascinated by the history of marriage discrimination and how  this history applies to couples today.

For years I have wondered about the similarities between the interracial and same-sex marriage movements.  How can the latter use these similarities to its advantage?

When applying to the CAPPP Quarter in Washington Program I immediately knew that I wanted to take a closer look at these two movements. The program gave me the unique opportunity to answer these questions, a chance to design my own curriculum for a quarter, “pursuing my intellectual bliss,” as Carol Wald, CAPPP’s program administrator, likes to say.

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Food Adventures in DC


by Erica Henderson, Fall 2013

There are many unique, delicious and affordable food adventures to be had in DC that are accessible to the UC Washington Center. Below are some of the restaurants that I enjoyed during my time in DC, but I am sure that any CAPPP Quarter in Washington student could make their own list of favorites.

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“In research, being wrong is not a bad thing”: Erica Henderson, Fall 2013

Erica at the US Capitol.

I really enjoyed the opportunity to pursue my own research on transportation infrastructure in Nicaragua. This was a project I had kept in my mind ever since high school and had never expected that I would pursue. Continue reading “In research, being wrong is not a bad thing”: Erica Henderson, Fall 2013

“DC Changed My Outlook on My Future”: Katie Westbrook, Winter 14

Katie at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts

Going to Washington, DC changed my entire outlook on my future for the better.

Before I went to DC I was heading toward a future in law, hoping that after several years of groundwork I would finally be able to help people in the way that I’d dreamed of.

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